Each of us knows that we need to take a bath to remove dirt and odors from our body.
If we do not a take bath for a long period of time, it may hinder our health!
This is common sense. In fact, we need to clean our bodies inside and outside every day.
In just 20 minutes of use, burn 600 calories.

Wow! That was easy!
I am committed to customer service & will not be undersold. (I will honor same product pricing, just ask.)
Humans are composed of 60 trillion cells and each cell is a living organism that absorbs, metabolizes, replaces and regenerates substance. Simply speaking, a cell is like an individual that can eat and digests food and has an immune and discharging system. How can cells, which we cannot feel, live inside humans and absorb nutrients? They rely on body fluids. In fact, cells are flowing in body fluids and the flow of body fluids brings in nutrients and carries away waste. But due to gravity, gaps between cells are not kept evenly and body fluids cannot evenly flow by each cell. Cells without flowing body fluids are like fish living in still water and will die gradually. More seriously, illness will come and that is the cause of diseases, tumors, and cancers. Relax Sauna retails from $1250-$1500, we are offering it on sale this week, for only $1095. Demonstration model sometimes available for sale. We will not be undersold. Honest service with a smile.

This brief video informs of the amazing benefits.

Compact Lay down Version
Relax Sauna can help you do whole body care, detoxification, promote autologous immune and blood circulation.
Model:CH-9009  Use Relax sauna for 10 to 20 minutes before shower, and it can clean out acid matters from the body. Acid causes many health issues including achiness and stiffness in addition to much more serious concerns, Relax energy sauna has the same function with mitochondrial cell. It can supply the energy which is reduces aging. Use Relax sauna to revitalize cells, keep pretty skin, improve immunity and excrete out heavy metals by sweating.Relax sauna has1000W to 1500W power depending on the model. Just 20 minutes, it can help people to excrete out heavy metals and open up the blockages to revitalize cells.In just 15-30 minutes of use, burn 600 calories or more. Wow! That was easy!This special design is for people who can’ t sit for a long time, and storage is simple. No need for too much space. Different designs for different customers including a wheelchair accessible sauna.

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