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Cold laser therapy (LLLT) is painless, sterile, non-invasive, and drug-free

Stop Smoking

“You really need to stop smoking.” How many times have you heard this statement from family, friends, doctors and that little voice inside your head? Easier said than done. Smokers know better than anyone that using tobacco is a hard addiction to beat. You fear the dreaded nicotine withdrawal symptoms and worse, that sinking feeling of failure when “quitting again” doesn’t work. The good news is that you may be able to permanently stop smoking through cold laser therapy. LaserHealth uses laser to alleviate nicotine withdrawal and cravings, easing the smoking urge. Please click on the Click Here link below to take our Pre-Treatament Questionnaire.

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Lose Weight

The average American is considered overweight. Sadly, we know that there are no “miracle” cures for this epidemic. Fad diets and pills guarantee rapid weight loss, and they typically deliver on their promises, but as soon as you return to old eating habits, the pounds creep on again. If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and battling the scale, LaserHealth’s comprehensive Weight Loss Program may help you permanently shake food addiction and improper nutrition through cold laser therapy. Achieving your ultimate healthy weight takes time and commitment. Our compassionate and professional Certified Laser Technicians will work with you to integrate healthy eating and exercise habits into your busy lifestyle.

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Stress Management

We all have significant demands upon us in life. Work, family and finances are just a few of the bigger demands that, over an extended period of time, can increase our stress levels exponentially and begin to negatively affect the mind and body. How we manage both the pressures of everyday living and the anxieties associated with stressful events is truly the crux of creating a healthy lifestyle. If you feel chronically overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted, there may be hope. LaserHealth’s comprehensive Stress Management Program may help you improve your quality of life with cold laser therapy, a painless, non-invasive and drug-free technology that is used to relieve stress and anxiety.

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Testimonial from a “delighted” client

Linda asked me for my testimony I’ve have quit smoking now for five years she made it very easy to quit was always there asking me if I needed extra help the treatments were painless and results of not smoking for the last five years I’ve been able to save enough money and I am […]

Success Story: Stopped Smoking!

Check out this amazing success story on Laser Health USA’s Facebook page – you can do it too. Reach out to us and we’ll help.

cold laser weight loss

The six worst things to say to someone who is losing weight

When someone in your life is in the process of losing weight, what should you do? Should you draw attention to the weight loss and applaud the person, or should you de-emphasize it and avoid talking about it? The knee-jerk reaction is often to compliment and praise people for how great they look and for […]

Great American Smoke Out November 19th, 2015

Great American Smoke Out November 19, 2015 Re: Laser Health takes on The Great American Smoke Out on Nov 19th St. Petersburg, FL Twelve Million smokers try to quit for at least one day during the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smoke Out . Two Million will continue to smoke less after the Great American […]

Lose weight? Stop smoking? Cold laser therapy can help.

Cold laser therapy can help. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how you can feel and look well again. We are specially trained in using cold laser therapy for smoking cessation, weight loss, and muscle strain with scientifically based proven protocols that work. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact Laser […]

How laser can help reduce stress and anxiety

Click here to learn how Laser Helps Reduce Anxiety In combination with laser therapy, our behavioral program will help you pinpoint the origin or your stress, and provide you guidance on how to reduce and deal with anxiety. Call us today to start feeling well again.

Stop Smoking Laser Clinic: We can help!

According to the American Cancer Society ….If you are feeling health side effects from smoking, note how quickly changes occur in your body once you do quit.: Within 20 minutes after you quit smoking Body temperature of feet and hands returns to normal Pulse rate drops to normal rate Blood pressure drops to normal After […]

What makes it so hard to quit smoking?

What makes it so hard to quit smoking?  Studies have shown that nicotine stimulates the release of your body’s natural “feel good’ chemical called endorphins. When you stop smoking your endorphin levels temporarily decline and the body feels withdrawal. If you have ever tried to quit, you know the withdrawal period is the hardest part […]

Painless, Non-invasive ” Stop Smoking ” Cold-Laser method helps you quit smoking.

We encourage you to browse through our website to learn more about LLLT Cold Laser Therapy to help you stop smoking cravings and stop food cravings. Scientifically proven, non-invasive and painless, our patients that have stopped smoking have been kind enough to leave testimonials for you to read throughout our site. Give us a call […]

Want to quit smoking? Lose weight? Laser Therapy may be the answer you are looking for.

At LaserHealth, we understand the deep level of self-disappointment and frustration that comes with repeated attempts to stop smoking or to lose weight and keep it off. We offer hope and an opportunity to end your addiction with cold laser therapy, a painless, non-invasive and drug-free session that may help you say goodbye to nicotine […]

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